Huber's Gasthaus
Huber's Gasthaus


Huber’s Gasthaus is rich with family history. 


Back in the 1940's, Herb Huber used the land where the Gasthaus sits today for agricultural purposes.  Fruits and vegetables were processed and shipped from the adjacent cannery. 


One of the first Youth baseball leagues in Thurston County was partially located on the property and the next door Friendly Grove Park.


 In 1975 Herb then built what we know today as the Gasthaus as his home. The home was built to entertain, which is why it was such an easy conversion into today’s use.


Herb lived in the home and operated his business untill his death in 1994.


After his death, son Kaiser Huber, with wife Caroline, made upgrades to the home and opened Huber’s Gasthaus; a place for the public to hold events.


Being one of the only privately owned rental facilities in Thurston County, Kaiser and Caroline successfully worked to build the business until Kaiser’s death in 2001.

Until 2004 Caroline continued to work long hours to keep the Gasthaus running, until she sold it to her daughter Christina and husband Jamie Daniels.


Jamie has been involved with Huber’s Gasthaus since it opened in 1994. Today Jamie brings his passion for the facility to each of our customers’ events.  As a family operation, you will most likely see our son helping out or our toddler trying to keep up!


As third generation owners of the house, our goal is to build on the legacy of the property. We look forward to making our customers’ events smooth and memorable.