Huber's Gasthaus
Huber's Gasthaus



What is your capacity?

     150 people


Is alcohol allowed?
     Yes, with a Banquet Permit from the WSLCB (online typically).


Do you have preferred vendors?
     Yes. However you may use the vendors of your choice.


Do you have plates, silverware, cooking supplies?
     No, these are items you must supply or rent.


Can we use candles?
     Yes, but they must be in self-contained units.


What is the allowed hours for our event?
     10AM-11PM fri-sat, 10am-8pm sun and 10AM-10PM mon-thur are the hours of operation.


What is your deposit fee amount and details regarding this?
     The deposit fee is $400.00 weddings, $100 other professional/private events (cash, check, or money order).
      It is nonrefundable if the event is cancelled. However, deposit becomes damage/cleaning deposit on the day of event and as long as facility is returned to original condition the deposit is returned in 45 days.


What is included in the rental amount?
      See items provided list.


What is the cost?
      Please contact for more information.


Who cleans up?
     Customer is responsible for cleaning to original condition, and our cleaning supplies are provided. 
Or you can opt for our cleaning services to be provided (see additional items list).


Are there decorations available?
     We provide minimal decorations in the Gasthaus during all seasons.  We fully decorate for the holiday season.


Can we decorate ourselves?
     Yes, however the use of tape, tacks, nails, screws, and hooks are prohibited.


Are there changing rooms?


Is the Gasthuas handicap accessible?


Do we get time to set up and cleanup?
     Yes, this is arranged in your planned rental time.


What about rehearsals?
     Rehearsals can be scheduled Monday through Thursday as available.


Is smoking allowed?
     Yes, but only outside the building.


Can we use the fireplaces?
     Only the exterior fireplace on the patio may have a lit fire in it.


Can we barbeque?


Can we have amplified music?
     Yes, inside only.